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What’s New in Autodesk Inventor 2017

What’s New in Autodesk Inventor 2017

Autodesk Inventor 2017 includes new features and enhancements to core design tools. These enhancements and improvements helps to create better designs, coordinate product development efforts across your team, and get your job done faster.


Design Enhancements


New 3D sketch commands provide greater control, speed, and ease of use. A new 3D Transform command provides a rich set of geometry manipulation tools for moving and rotating geometry quickly and precisely. New constraint types are added to provide greater control and allow you to sketch curves on 3D faces. Copy/Paste supports copying and pasting in the same 3D sketch or between 3D sketches, reusing 3D sketch information for faster model creation.



Several new tools provide greater control when building surface geometry in Inventor 2017.

Guide Rails are added to the Boundary Patch command. You can now use curves and points to shape the patch and more precisely control continuity and form.


Part Creation

A new Feature Relationships tool identifies parent and child relationships between part features. This helps you quickly understand how parameters define the model, and can be used to execute or automate geometry changes.


Shape Generator (not available in Inventor LT)

Shape Generator, introduced in Inventor 2016 R2, helps with the conceptual design of structurally efficient parts. For Inventor 2017, several enhancements were made to the Shape Generator workflow and new controls were added.

  • Interactive controls are provided for preserved region sizing and positioning
  • New minimum member size criteria influences the size of features in Shape Generator outputs
  • Users may directly assign the target mass rather than use a percentage reduction
  • A new optional symmetry constraint causes outputs to be symmetrical about one or more planes.

Preserve Region


Minimum Member Size




Presentation Enhancements (not available in Inventor LT)

The presentations environment is enhanced to make your documentation creation tasks easier and faster.  You can easily arrange components in exploded views for drawing creation and quickly create powerful and expressive animations. Snapshot views allow you to capture specific model and camera arrangements for use in drawing views and raster image outputs.

A new timeline-based story panel makes it easy to control and edit assembly sequences or movement. You can change the duration or order of actions appearing in an animation.


3D PDF Publishing (not available in 32-bit Inventor LT)

Inventor 2017 can export your models in 3D PDF format, which can be viewed in Adobe Acrobat Reader.