16.5.2017 | General

Coordinate system tranformation for DWG data in AutoCAD Map 3D

DWG data can be transformed from one coordinate system to another by querying the objects from the attached source drawing into the current drawing. Below are detailed instructions how to do the transformation. Same functionality is also available in AutoCAD Civil 3D.

  1. Ensure that the drawings that are transformed include correct coordinate system definition. Open DWG file and use for example MAPCSASSIGN command when window for coordinate system definition opens. Check that correct coordinate system is selected under Currently Assigned header. If definition doesn’t exist or it is wrong select correct one (in the picture Finnish KKJ3 coordinate system is selected) and click Assign button. Save and close the DWG.
  2. Create new DWG file and set coordinate system where the original data is transformed according to the previous instructions.
  3. Attach the DWGs that will be transformed in current drawing. Right-click for example Drawings header in Task Pane Map Explorer tab and select Attach. Select then the DWGs in opening window and click Add and OK buttons. If Task Pane is not visible you can open it with MAPWSPACE command.
  4. Query next the attached drawings. Double-click Current Query in Map Explorer tab. Click Location button and select All. Click OK. Ensure that Draw is selected as Query Mode and click Execute Query button.
  5. Data is now transformed in new coordinate system. If data is not visible use for example zoom command with extents option. You can remove linking to attached drawing by right-clicking drawing under Drawings header in Map Explorer and selecting Detach. Save the DWG after that.