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24.1.2017 | General

AutoCAD Electrical – Default location for symbols

AutoCAD Electrical uses the default path when a component is inserted using the ‘Browse’ button. You can set a default path for a new location when using this button or when the symbol is saved.

In the example below the default location would be: E:\Electrical\Symbols\Libs\iec2.

Open the environmental file wd.env with text editor (Notepad).

Navigate to WD_INSCOMPDLG and WD_INSFPDLG and modify the settings as follows (red indicates the modified part – new path). Note! Remove the “* “in front of text.

WD_INSCOMPDLG,E:\Electrical\Symbols\Libs\iec2,to override starting path for INS SCHEM COMP browse button

WD_INSFPDLG, E:\Electrical\Symbols\Libs\Libs_metric,to override starting path for INS PNL COMP browse button.

Save the wd.env file after modifying.