Add aerial imagery from Bing service in InfraWorks 360

It is possible to add easily aerial imagery from Microsoft Bing Service to InfraWorks 360 model.


1. Click the button marked in the image. Select Bing Maps as Connection type. Select detail level of imagery in Tile Level field (bigger level value means more detailed data).


2. Click OK in Connect to Data Source and Choose Data Sources windows.

3. Select the added data (imagery) in DATA SOURCES window and click Refresh button. Aerial imagery will be added to model.


4. By double-clicking imagery data source it is possible to change for example detail level in Raster tab of opening window. When changes are made click Close & Refresh button.

This functionality is available starting from InfraWorks 360 2016.3. It is not possible to add Bing imagery in InfraWorks 360 LT.