Cad-Q solutions create lean engineering on site

Business Challenge

  • Change of drawing database from their former system called Primas to a new one, called the IFS application.
  • The task was to create a smooth integration between Vault and IFS



Cad-Q helped SSAB by enabling them to look into drawings using Vault Professional



  • Trusted Advisor: Migration of data taking place in the Cad-Q office
  • Easy access to the right drawings is key to a lean engineering process
  • Automated numbering for parts and assemblies cut down 8 man hours per day
  • Time saved is now used on development tasks rather than searching for drawings.

The solutions from Cad-Q create lean engineering


When a former system called Primas needed to change to a new drawing database, called the IFS application, Cad-Q helped SSAB, by creating a smooth integration between Vault and IFS, – the system that the plant will be using in the future.

With Vault Professional, we get much faster access to the correct information and have no need to type the information more than once. This has cut down inefficient labour and we can use the time saved on development tasks. Thomas Lidéhn, CAD Manager SSAB


Migration done by experts from Cad-Q

Thomas Lidéhn is looking forward to implementing the new system. “We and the Cad-Q team have tested it thoroughly and it is working well,”, he says confi dently.

– We have worked with Cad-Q for more than 20 years, – we actually started with one of the founders of Cad-Q as our consultant – Jörgen
Fjellert, so of course we have a good and sound history together. We trust Cad-Q – otherwise we would not trust the team with all our data to be migrated, Thomas says with a smile.



From one ‘Vault’ to another

The company has drawings that date back more than a hundred years – and they often get inquiries on digital copies of the old drawings. Until recently, it took very long to find the right drawings and the archive had more than 3 people working full time. Today, after introducing Vault in 2008, only 1 person is working in the archive at reduced hours.

“In order to import all old articles when we need to build new buildings or extend old buildings here at the plant, Cad-Q created a system enabling us to reuse all information from the old drawings in a very lean and digital way,” Thomas Lidéhn says.

96 413 drawings that have now been scanned, and we still have more to scan.

The old system did not provide any of the benefits of the functionalities that they get today from Vault and IFS. In Primas the job was manual typing of drawing numbers and this created many flaws typing the same numbers several times in one search. Another reason why they had to change, apart from the old Prima system being inefficient, was the fact that many of the co-workers who were able to use it, have actually now retired. Therefore, it is essential that the drawings are available in the new system and many of them are;

“We have 96413 drawings that have now been scanned, and we still have more to scan” The old ‘Vault’ really is old, being a big archive box with two poles holding the physical drawings of approx. 1 x 2 meters. A stamp saying SCANNED is the proof that the drawing is now accessible in the Autodesk Vault.


The easy access to the right drawings is key to a lean engineering process

“When something goes wrong, we need to be able to fi x it quickly. A period of downtime is extremely expensive. Every hour counts and having direct access to the right drawings anytime and anywhere,


saves both time and money and enhances the quality,” Thomas Lidéhn explains.

“We can now access the drawings just by writing the number of it once in the system – and we get both the drawing and all the parts information as well. We get much faster access to the correct information and have no need to type the information more than once. This has cut down inefficient labor and we can use the time being productive instead of searching for old drawings. With the Autodesk Design Viewer we can easily see the drawings virtually on the screen, either via the IFS system or in Vault or directly via the Vault viewer installed at the intranet.

The project started two years ago, where SSAB decided that everyone should use the same database, including the construction department. Thomas Lidéhn, who is one of the team leaders in the IFS project and responsible for CAD/PDM at SSAB Oxelösund, made the specifications. Through a positive cooperation with the Cad-Q team consisting of Torbjörn Rask, Ronald Bendz, Björn Nordle and Jimmy Savheim, the system went live on April 20th 2015.


The process; data cleaning in-house was necessary

Initially, we did a lot of data cleaning which is necessary if you want to start up successfully. Subsequently, Cad-Q took over and cleaned the data even more. This has meant that we today know exactly which drawings we do and do not have. The missing drawings are now easily found, as we know that if they are not in the new system, the old archive is intact. With the project name and number, our colleagues can quickly get a scanned copy.


Trusted Advisor:
Migration of data taking place in the Cad-Q office


“Of course, with more vendors in a project, such as in this case the company delivering IFS; our IT company together with Cad-Q as the PDM and CAD provider, the project sometimes tend to stop due to one of the partners. It is also a question of planning from our side, specification and coordination of who does what and we all learn something new every time we implement new solutions. The fact that we go more than 20 years back with Cad-Q is truly a proof that we have a good relationship. The system will work fine, it is more the education and the methodology and this is second step”.

Thomas has already taught 100 employees how to use the new system and next time 50 more are scheduled to learn how to use it. Fortunately, the response amongst the co-workers has been, ‘somebody gave this some serious thoughts’, and Thomas can congratulate himself and his partners in Cad-Q and the other vendors for their contribution.


Courses – an important part of the way to lean engineering

Having skilled engineers is very important for SSAB. The company has taken several courses at Cad-Q during the years and they prefer the courses held in-house.

“The in-house courses are a great solution for us, – we do not have to travel, and we are learning the new modules working effi ciently in our own systems and the content of the courses is specialised according to our needs,” Thomas says.




Important technology from Cad-Q; Naviate and CQI

With Naviate Manufacturing the company saves a lot of time. The program provides the new system with the data on the parts from Inventor. Also with Cad-Q Installer, CQi, they get very easy access to installing and updating the software on all licenses in Oxelösund – which is very effi cient when the company is using various programs that need updating every year.

“We can do it ourselves, but most often we call our support at Cad-Q and let them handle it. After all it is their core business, they have the knowhow more present than we do”, Thomas explains.

Cad-Q also made adjustments against a job server, so Vault could read information from CAD programs other than Inventor.