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BIM Experience: How to Accommodate a Lot of Engineering in a Small Facility

BIM Experience: How to Accommodate a Lot of Engineering in a Small Facility

Engineering system design company “Miesto renovacija”, which have started working with the most advancing 3D design programs a few years ago, currently is developing virtually all its project in BIM environment. Company designers have no intentions of getting back to two-dimensional drawings, because their practical experience has repeatedly proved BIM designing benefits.

“This is definitely a qualitative leap in our services. Today we already can easily compare errors and inconsistencies when designing in 2D and 3D formats. After two-dimensional drawing is carried to a three-dimensional model, all project errors come to light right away. It is much cheaper to fix these errors in drawings rather than on site (e.g. demolishing partitions, cutting openings in structures). We are satisfied that we have chosen Autodesk Revit MEP software, and the more we use it, the more advantages we discover,” – says “Miesto renovacija” director Mindaugas Šimkus.

These statements are perfectly proved by one of the company’s latest project’s – energy efficiency class A apartment block building – presentations.

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Customer imposed following engineering requirements for the project of his apartment block building:

  • Achieve a minimum energy efficiency of class A;
  • Design geothermal heating;
  • Design hot water collectors on the roof;
  • Design effective centralized heat recovery ventilation system in the whole building.


The architectural project creation was entrusted to architectural design company “Vilniaus architektūros studija”. “Miesto renovacijos” team, which designs heating, cooling, air-conditioning, water supply, sewage, electrical engineering systems, was entrusted with all engineering parts of BIM technical project.

Immediately after learning that architects and constructors will use Revit Architecture and Revit Structure design programs, “Miesto renovacija” proposed to prepare the whole project (together with engineering systems) using Revit server (Revit Server).

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Above all is teamwork

“Miesto renovacija” specialists understand, that mutual coordination of all project parties is required when preparing BIM project, therefore from the first day customer, architects, constructors and engineers got involved in the project. At the very beginning it was already possible to appreciate Revit software benefits – engineers marked places necessary for their system, while architects and constructors, using Revit server, saw them in real time on their computers. This saved a whole lot of time for meetings, reconciliation of positions, and helped to avoid error correction.

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In addition, engineers of “Miesto renovacija”, while working with BIM program Revit MEP, constantly saw on their screens not only other project parts’ models, but also colleagues’ designed engineering systems, hence intersections of building engineering systems were avoided. Knowing how much engineering needs to be implemented in a new building, this BIM technology feature provides significant advantage.

In a small apartment block building, about 6km of underfloor heating pipes were designed, 1,9 km of water supply and sewage systems, about 1,7 km of ventilation ducts. The basement was fit up with heat pumps, storage tanks, air handling unit, and other equipment, required to ensure population’s comfort of Class A building. The most important thing is not only that it was succeeded to rationally exploit available construction space and avoid any building engineering system inaccuracies – customer received very accurate material quantities, furthermore the project was completed on time.

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Construction of this facility is planned in spring 2016. “Miesto renovacija” specialists believe that qualitative BIM project will ease future constructors’ work and overall facility exploitation. The customer will receive the final project version, in which all building information will be presented – pipes, all engineering systems and alike. Using 3D model, constructors and later facility managers will be able to accurately see even the most complex technical room equipment.

BIM technologies – tools for different scale projects

Head of UAB „Miesto renovacija“ is certain – BIM technology are relevant to different scale projects: “The bigger the building, the bigger is probability of error, however BIM technology benefits are the same in a smaller project – actual design environment, accurately calculated material amounts, involvement of all construction process participants in the project etc.”

BIM advantage that is just as important – is customer’s of any scale project ability to see building model in real time, as well as participate in design process providing comments and reviewing solutions in the model.

Currently engineers of “Miesto renovacija” are working on new projects. Professional engineering system designers are already ready to apply BIM advantages not only in Baltic countries, but in Scandinavian market too.