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Autodesk HSM – Integrated CAM for Inventor

Autodesk HSM – Integrated CAM for Inventor

Autodesk Inventor HSM Express and Autodesk HSM 2018 provides the best value in integrated CAM software available.

Free version, Autodesk Inventor HSM Express, is a 2.5 axis CAM plug-in designed to work seamlessly with Autodesk Inventor (requires license for Autodesk inventor).

Included in the Autodesk HSM bundle are CAM programming solutions that run inside SOLIDWORKS and Inventor, and Fusion 360. Inventor HSM and HSMWorks are only available as part of the Product Design & Manufacturing Collection.

Integrated CAM helps to rapidly produce machined parts utilizing one seamless workflow, while maintaining model associativity for updates and part changes. You are able to go directly from CAD design to CAM programming to CNC milling machine with one integrated workflow.

Here the most important features of Autodesk HSM.

For CAD / CAM integration and performance

AnyCAD in Inventor. Design changes in the source CAD system get automatically updated downstream in drawing and toolpaths.


Adaptive clearing. Reduce roughing time by a factor on 4 or more compared to conventional roughing, and increase tool life.


Use the familiar tools and user interface in Inventor or Solidworks software.


Faster toolpath calculation time. Multiprocessor/multicore CPU support reduces toolpath calculation times, especially on larger or complex designs.


For Machining formats

2.5-axis machining. Strategies for 2D machining on flat planes. Included in the free Express and regular versions of HSMWorks and Inventor HSM.


3-axis milling and 3+2 positioning. Choose from several 3-axis styles, or select a work plane, and perform 3+2 axis positioning with the same CAM strategies.


Multiaxis operations. Simultaneous 4- and 5-axis features for machining complex models include multiaxis contouring, 3D toolpath tilting, and more.


Turning and mill-turn. Improve productivity with traditional turning, facing, grooving, and boring functions. Includes support for live tooling mill-turning.


Advanced CAM functionality

Probing. Automatically avoid collisions between your part and tool holders during CNC calculations.


Slope machining. Control cutter engagement by using slope angles to minimize tool deflection and improve finish.


Engraving shapes and text. Carve shapes or text into parts, using a chamfer tool.


Simulation and verification tools

  • Stock and toolpath simulation.
  • CNC output edit. Perform common text edits to NC program files.
  • Analysis tools. Measure distances or dynamically view vital information, such as feed/speed and estimated machining time.

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